We are just wrapping up the plans and final design details for our new home with Donald Joseph Inc. This is the 5th custom home we have built in 3 different states and I can say without hesitation this has been by far our best experience!

Donald Fugina and his team have been very attentive to our needs, very creative with their design ideas/solutions and extremely easy to work with.

Donald offers multiple design services. Initially we engaged him to draw the plans for our home. Subsequently we decided to extend our contract with him to include the design of our interior architectural details. Ultimately we also engaged him to provide full interior design services.

The end result has been a totally integrated theme and feel from design to finish details. In addition, the flow of work has been very efficient and seamless. We have experienced the separate architect, space planner, interior designer approach on prior projects and can say Donald Joseph’s integrated approach is far superior.

We highly recommend Donald and his team to anyone considering building a new home!

John and Rena Williams

Since hiring Donald Fugina to design our home in Granite Bay, CA, fifteen years ago, we find ourselves returning to Donald and his highly competent staff for all of our design needs. The result has always exceeded our expectations. Donald and his firm, Donald Joseph Inc., can provide the entire package needed to get the job done. We have recommended Donald to friends and family and without exception, they have had the same positive experience.

RRM, custom residential client

I hired Donald Fugina to design not one but two of our homes – which also included interior design work -. His greatest strengths are to listen to our needs and desires, coupled with his keen eye towards design and knowing what fits in well in the environment. Donald was an integral part of key decisions we made on every step of the design and building of our beautiful home located in Sierra Oaks Vista, area of Sacramento. Donald is professional, focused and collaborative. Should the opportunity arise for our third custom build home I would welcome working with him again.

Steven Galvez

I am at the tail end of the construction and finishing stage and like most Custom Home clients I am over budget since I have elected to enjoy the benefits of upgrading materials, appliances, finishes and landscaping to really make the home unique and truly ours. Despite the over budget position I am in, I absolutely believe that the best money I spent was having a house professionally designed and architected to fit our lifestyle, needs and dreams.

Without a great design all the dollars spent on materials and labor are not optimized and the end product will not be a unique reflection
of our efforts.

John Kepko

As out-of-state clients planning for retirement in California, Donald designed a home for us that achieved everything we desired by guiding us through the myriad of decisions while overseeing the project construction, landscape, interior design, and furnishings. No detail was left unattended and the integrity of the design earned Donald our confidence and respect for his competency in all areas of project management; most importantly working with the builder.

Through the years we still call Donald to thank him for giving us a home that is truly a reflection of our lifestyle that transcends the test of time. Donald is a visionary whose work is distinguished by his versatility, sense of flow and environmentally focused designs. Something as simple as the position of the house on the lot gave us almost complete privacy and beautiful views from every window while adding to the allure of the house and pleasing the 4-legged family members.

JDM, custom residential client