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Donald Fugina

Donald J. Fugina, Jr., CEO and president of Donald Joseph Inc., has been living his dream for 25 years: designing with integrity and meaning. A graduate of University of California, Berkeley, Fugina founded his architectural firm in 1982—one that specializes in combining all aspects of design to create fine homes and commercial properties. This includes site planning and interior design.

“Good design begins with strong creative vision and humility,” Fugina says. “We focus on our clients’ lives; the things that make them happy and unique. It is gratifying to exceed their expectations.” Part of his commitment to do so means putting clients first; listening to them, understanding their needs and executing their priorities.

Through careful analysis of lifestyle and economic considerations, Fugina and his team create responsive architecture and interiors that mirror client goals. This successful sense of reciprocation has allowed the firm to open a custom furniture and accessories showroom located on the first floor of Fugina’s newly remodeled office building, making it possible for him to spotlight his flair for exceptional custom design, while offering unique yet comfortable and affordable furniture.

Naturally, he and his team are passionate about each and every project they undertake. “Working with people on such a personal level is fascinating,” he says. “We believe good architecture is like comfort food; it warms your soul and puts you at ease.”

Part of Fugina’s success comes from his attention to detail. True to form, he is always keenly aware of what makes a project become a reality. This includes empowering clients—informing them about their projects so that they feel enabled to make educated decisions about their priorities. “Understanding the team which participates in the creation of a project is a key element in its ultimate success,” says Fugina.

When he is not designing for others, Fugina is happily creating a great life with his wife, Corinne, also an interior designer, and their three sons. The couple prides themselves on balancing family life with demanding careers. In addition, Donald has always considered his staff to be an extension of his family, to whom trust and respect are paramount in creating a loyal, hardworking team dedicated to creating singular personal expressions. “Doing so makes our work together rewarding and meaningful.”

Kevin Bryan

Kevin A. Bryan, principal architect, has been working and honing his design skills for over 14 years at Donald Joseph Inc. A graduate of Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, Kevin spent the first four years of his career in the Bay Area learning residential design at a top firm in San Ramon. “My projects took me up and down the entire West Coast from Los Angeles to Seattle, learning regional approaches to all types of housing- custom, production and multifamily.”

In 1998, Kevin moved to the Sacramento area and started a family with his wife Kim. After accepting a position at Donald Joseph he immediately bonded with Donald Fugina, very much sharing his design vision. “Early in my career I believed architecture was about things-materials, colors, and systems. But I quickly learned that architecture is about people- not things. Understanding how the client will use and live in a space is fundamental to the approach we take in our designs.”

Although Kevin focused early on primarily on residential projects, he began in 2001 to spearhead Donald Joseph’s move into commercial design. “One of our best clients, who was also a developer, gave us the opportunity to apply our talent and skill to the commercial world of design, and our firm benefited tremendously from that.” In addition to numerous office and retail projects the company soon found themselves also designing medical clinics, surgery centers, and assisted living facilities.

This effort culminated in 2007 with receiving the commission to design ‘Ponte Palmero’ a $45 million project that combined residences, apartments, a central hospitality center, and 40-patient Alzheimer’s treatment center. As head project manager, Kevin oversaw all the design and technical drawings, and he shepherded the project through the permitting and construction phases. Additionally, Donald Joseph also served as the commercial interiors firm for the project- selecting all finishes and materials, furnishing the model units, even providing furniture, art and accessories for the main buildings. “Ponte Palmero was a tremendous challenge but it demonstrated that our company can see through any size project from start to finish, with a highly successful outcome.”

Today Kevin oversees all production staff at Donald Joseph and manages a large pool of builder and custom clients that he has developed in his time at the company. He also very much enjoys spending time with his family- his wife Kim and two children. “I’m very grateful for the opportunities given to me at Donald Joseph, and very much enjoy working with Donald and the other team members.” Despite the success he and the firm have enjoyed, Kevin always points out that it’s all about the client. “We are not ‘big ego’ architects- our focus is understanding our client’s desires and needs, and delivering to them a building that will exceed their expectations.” Despite the firm winning many design awards, Kevin knows that the secret to success is a satisfied client. “The highest compliment we ever received was from a client who was a world traveler, but preferred staying in their own Donald Joseph designed home- over all of the best hotels of the world- for it truly was a space designed just for them.”